According to, here are some easy steps to make FireFox integrate better with KDE:

1. install your distro’s gtk-qt-engine
note: depending on how far your distro is with kde4 integration this package may either be called gtk-qt-engine or gtk-qt-engine-kde4

2. change your Firefox theme
If you use the default KDE oxygen theme install the oxygen theme for Firefox from here:

3. change the appearance of the file selector:
type “about:config” into Firefox’s URL bar and type “platform” into the display filter below. Make sure that the value for


is set to false

4. Additionally, to fix buttons and checkboxes, install package gtk2-engines-qtcurve. Now open KMenu->System Settings->Appearance->GTK Styles and Fonts and set “Use another style” (under category GTK Styles) to QtCurve. Save it and restart Firefox (copied this straight from post #5 😉 – many thanks!)

5. For downloads – you may want to consider installing the flashgot add-on. It lets you use Kget as a download manager.

Also of interest is, a FireFox plugin which may help choosing the correct application to run when downloading files.